Dear researchers and friends, the two-quarter Journal of adolescent and youth psychological studies (jayps) people, according to the approval number 1400-16076 of the Scientific Publications Commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, has been awarded the "scientific" status since 2019.
The rank of this publication will be announced later.

Bi-Quarterly Journal of adolescent and youth psychological studies is a scientific, research, and applied journal in the developmental, clinical, educational, and social fields of adolescents and youth with a double-blind and anonymous peer review, and open access. It was launched by the The Institute for Social Study and Research Iran Mehr in 2020 with scientific, research, and educational goals and motivations in the field of adolescents and the youth. This journal seeks to provide the style of presenting writings in a scientific research process based on modern methodological considerations for authors to promote science. Furthermore, it also seeks to achieve new conceptual formulations in unique translations of works of well-known authors, or the analysis of these works in meta-analyses. Other advantages of the journal are the unification of terms and the use of the most accurate writing for spelling foreign names. The references, tables, graphs, and indexing are based on a guide to new criteria for the presentation of scientific articles, a collection of which is formulated by APA.
This journal has been published as a bi-quarterly journal since the spring-summer publication in 2020.

Copyright: The Institute for Social Study and Research Iran Mehr
Director-in-Charge: Dr. Nadereh Saadati
Editor-in-chief: Dr. Ahmad Abedi
HR Manager: Dr. Nadereh Saadati
Journal Expert: Dr. Ali Aghaziarati
Edition type: electronic (it also has a printed edition if ordered)
The Institute for Social Study and Research Iran Mehr
Electronic ISSN (e-ISSN): 2783347 X
Journal Language: Persian (English Abstract)
Specialization: Developmental, clinical, educational, and social domains of adolescents and the youth
Journal Email: infojspnay.ir
Contact: Apply via email or message on the website. 

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journal of Adolescent and Youth Psychological Studies

2022، Volume 3، Number 2

Online ISSN: 2821-2525

Director-in-Charge: dr. Nadereh Saadati

Editor-in-Chief: dr. Ahmad Abedi

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"This publication examines and combats plagiarism using similarity detection software"

"This publication respects the rules of ethics in publications He is a member and subject to the rules of the Committee on Ethics in Publication

and from the executive regulations of the law on preventing and dealing with fraud in scientific works follows"

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Journal volumes 4
Journal issues 6
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Total articles 282
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Published articles 151
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